Monday, February 11, 2008

Reaction To Books 1-10 of the Odyssey

I thought that most of the first part of Homer's Odyssey were quite interesting. It seemed like there was alot of Greek and Roman mythology that the reader needed as prior knowledge in order to understand the book. Taking notes and learning all about the gods and the battle of Troy has helped my exponentially during the reading. I also feel like this is the first book we have read in class this year which keeps me interested because of the complexity of the story, the nature of the characters, and the mystical overall feeling. For example, when we first meet Odysseus, we see him as a humble, sad, hardened man who just wants to get home to his wife and kid. But we quickly learn of his overconfidence and cocky decisions that ultimatly lead him to his doomed fate of drifting for years upon years at sea. Plot and character twists like these are what keeps me interested and urging to read more of the the book.

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